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Catchy Chick

Catch all the chicks that are running around as quickly as you can. The game can be played on a range of different difficulties and speeds. Unlock various Achievements and compete against other players worldwide on the Leaderboards.

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Field Visualizer

This app allows you to measure and visualize the strengths of any magnetic or WiFi fields, within any rectangular region you chose, without the need for any special devices!

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This app allows you to control the mouse of your PC from your Android device via Bluetooth. The application requires a special software to be installed on your computer in order to work properly. The i-Control : Base software can be downloaded for FREE from the link given below.

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Supplemental software download: i-Control : Base


Draw and simulate your own fluid flows! Streamline allows you to draw the shape of any object (or group of objects) you like, and then simulate the flow of a liquid around the objects drawn. The flow is visualized by animated particles or streamlines. Visit the Google Play Store for more information.

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